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in just 19 lesson
What if you could understand 50% of the words
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TOO BUSY ! ARABIC IS TOO HARD! What if could learn to understand the Arabic of your daily Salah and 50% words of Qur’an in just 19 lessons? Each lesson being no longer than 40 minutes. For such a small investment in your time, you will be surprised at how easily and quickly you can learn. Would you still have an excuse?


We promise you a stress free, fun filled, spiritually and intellectually uplifting learning experience. No hours of homework, no note writing during lessons, just relax, and interact with the Tutor. This course is UNIQUE and UNLIKE any other. This is the quickest, easiest and most interactive Arabic learning experience you will ever come across. Learn the Easy Way. 

Natural Way

Developed over 25 years of research and practical teaching experience. We teach you step by step, the natural way, without any complicated grammar rules, technical terminologies or language theory. Practical, interactive learning. Using our unique methodology and course materials. We are with you all the way.  


Our approach

We believe the study of Qur’an should be easy, interactive, interesting and engaging. Learning Qur’an should be intellectually and spiritually stimulating. Its message should penetrate the depths of our hearts, and inspire us to act towards righteousness.

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Understand Quran For Children

A golden opportunity is at our hands to teach our children the Arabic of Quran, Salah, and daily recitation at an early age. To make the experience of learning Arabic enjoyable, interactive as well as spiritually connecting young hearts to the book of Allah. Thus motivating them to a lifelong relationship with Al-Qur’an.
Our children course, will help you teach Arabic in a simple, gradual and natural way. No technicalities, no endless list to memorise, just a fun way of learning Arabic.They will develop core vocabulary of Qur’an, understanding Qur’anic Arabic, all the Arabic of Salah, and daily recitations.
We will incorporate the understanding of all the Arabic a child normally learns as part of the standard syllabus for Madrasa or home study….LEARN MORE