In the Name of Allah, The Intensely Merciful, The Continuously Merciful. All Praises and Thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s), his family and his companions.

We believe along with correct reading and recitation of Qur’an, understanding its message and meaning is also an obligation upon us.

We believe the study of Qur’an should be easy, interactive, interesting and engaging. Learning Qur’an should be intellectually and spiritually stimulating. Its message should penetrate the depths of our hearts, and inspire us to act towards righteousness.

The learning of Qur’anic Arabic should be easy and accessible to all.

Our Mission, Vision & Values:

Aims and objectives

Why learn Arabic?

Allah has made easy:

The fear of Arabic:

Our courses for everyone

Learning the natural pain free way!

Designed for busy people

Be among the best, teach Quran

Teaching children, the natural way!

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Seeking the pleasure of Allah (ﷻ), by striving to support and promote the understanding of Qur’an.

We aim to support and spread the understanding of Qur’an through the learning of Qur’anic Arabic, using the most effective learning methods.

Our courses are designed for adults & children, and people from all social, economic, and educational background. We believe the understanding of Qur’an should be accessible to all.

Our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“The best amongst you in the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it”

We aim  to work with and  support Mosques, Madrasa, Institution, voluntary organisations, and individuals who are active in the teaching of Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic Studies.

We will strive to provide the highest quality service, course materials, teaching tools, learning platforms, and ongoing support, to those who are involved in the noble task of teaching Qur’an.

 Our core activities will Insha’Allah include:

  • Running a nationwide campaign to encourage and motivate the Ummah to learn to Understand Qur’an and the Arabic of daily recitation (Salah, Hadith, and Dua).
  • Developing high quality easy to learn ‘study aids’ to assist Mosques & ‘Islamic Education Centers’ to deliver ‘Qur’anic Arabic’ lessons across all age groups.
  • Developing a range of courses and accompanying self-study aids that make it easy to learn Qur’anic Arabic.
  • Deliver live short courses and provide intensive residential courses (4-day/weekend) to train future teachers. Our aim is to  train a group of professionals who can teach our courses in local Mosques, Madrasas, homes, and within the community.
  • Work with student organisation and train Muslims Students, who can serve as future teachers of Qur’anic Arabic.
  • Engage Muslim Children with the Qur’an by Supporting Mosque, Madrasa and Teachers with necessary teaching tools to deliver lessons that engages the hearts and minds of our the children.
  • Develop fully interactive online learning resources such as: lesson videos, games, quizzes, and learning tools that educates and entertains young minds.
  • Develop applications for smart-phone, tablet, and other modern devices.
  • High quality audio, which covers Madrasa syllabus, that children will enjoy listening to and learning from.
  • Engage parents in the teaching of their children by providing ‘teaching aids’, ‘revision support’, ‘home study tools’ and online system to fully engage parents in the step by step development of their child’s study.
  • Develop an online learning system that has systematic guided and graded program for learning Arabic and Islamic Studies. The system will cater with specific targeted programs for specific age groups. The syllabus will also be comprehensive covering from basic to advanced level Arabic and Islamic Studies. Primarily as an aid for self-study this project can easily be adapted to meet the needs of (i) young people (ii) adults (iii) new Muslims (iv) Non-Muslims.
  • Develop an online Madrasa Management System (MMS), that will support Mosques and Madrasas better manage their program. Embed syllabus along with online learning tools for children to teach & revise the madrasa syllabus.
  • Other activities as needed to fulfil our aims and objectives, depending on demand and availability of resources.

The most important duty in the life of a Muslim is the 5 daily Salah (prayers). From the start of our journey in Islam, we learn to perform Salah and read Qur’an. This is an essential requirement for us, in order to fulfill our ibadah (worship) obligations to Allah (ﷻ). We learn our prayers in Arabic and perform our worship according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (ﷺ).

During our daily recitations we tend to use 150 to 300 Arabic sentences, which consists of vocabulary of around 150 to 250 words. Despite repeating these many many times a day, everyday of our lives, very few of us ever contemplate the importance of understanding what we recite daily.

Our daily Salah is much more than a set of rituals, it is a spiritual journey, a direct connection and communication with our Lord, Creator and Sustainer Allah. Allah (swt) tells us Sura Yusuf (12:2):


“Indeed, We have sent it, an Arabic
Qur’ān so that you all may understand.”

Allah (swt) in many ayaats of Qur’an reminds us that the Qur’an has been sent for understanding, for Tazakkur and Tadabbur. How can this be done if we do not learn Arabic?

The Qur’an is revealed in Arabic for understanding, so our ultimate goal should must be recitation with understanding. The Qur’an is the greatest miracle that Allah revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

It is not merely prose or poetry, it is the Book of Guidance for humanity. Its eloquence is beyond anyone other than Allah (swt). It is living miracle which we can experience daily. Its sweetness, its eloquence, just cannot be translated.

The translations of the meaning of Qur’an play a very important role in conveying its message and a sincere reader of the Qur’an will not be deprived of guidance. The message of the Qur’an is so powerful and speaks directly to the fitrah (nature) of a sincere seeker of truth, that it will have its effect on the reader even if one reads the ‘translation’ only. However to feel the real beauty and truly appreciate it we must learn to understand the Quran in its original Arabic.

Allah (swt) informs us in Surat Şād (38:29)


“[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded!”

It is an obligation for us to make sincere effort in building a lifelong relationship with the book of Allah, after having learned to read the Qur’an, the next natural step is for us is to learn to understand the Arabic of Qur’an. So we can interact directly with the Qur’an without having to constantly refer to a translation.

We believe that Allah (ﷻ) has made it Easy for the Ummah of Muhammad (ﷺ) to memorise and understand the Quran. Allah (ﷻ) says four times in Sura Al-Qamr (17, 22, 32, and 40) :54_17


“And indeed We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for dhikr(remembrance & understanding), then is
there any that will receive admonition?”

The understanding of Quran to receive admonition has been made Easy for us, by Allah Himself. Allah (swt) has guaranteed this. So if we claim that the Quran is difficult or impossible for us to understand we are contradicting the words of Allah. We seek the forgiveness of Allah from such thoughts.

A reflection of the task ahead will show us how easy Allah has made the task for the sincere seeker. The Quran has around 80,0000 words, of this the number of unique words (based on root) are approximately 1800.

The Message Qur’an is easy to understand and speaks directly into the heart of the human. Its message has no complex philosophies and ideas, it is free from superstitions, its language is pure and on the whole easy to grasp at a basic level.

First step in learning Arabic: Let us begin by at least learning the Arabic we use everyday. Let us understand each and every sentence and word we recite in our daily Salah, and by doing this insha’Allah we can easily learn 125 words that are repeated more than 40,000 times in the Quran.

Think of the number of times we read Sura Al-Fathiha daily, around 30 times a day, around 900 times a month, and more than 10,000 times a year. If you only learned the Arabic of Sura Fathiha, its words are repeated in the Qur’an more than 7,500 times, that’s almost 10% of the words of Al-Qur’an.

Our ultimate goal is to learn Arabic so that we can understand the basic message of Qur’an without having to constantly refer to a translation. We can also understand what the Imam is reciting in our Salah (particularly, Fajr, Maghreb, Isha, Jummah, and taraweeh prayers).

Imagine how greater your connection with Allah (ﷻ) would be, if you could understand the Qur’an as you read or listen to it.

How greater would be your concentration in Salah, if you could understand what you are saying to Allah.

How much more would you enjoy the Taraweeh experience if only you could understand Al-Quran as you hear it?

Allah (ﷻ) has made it easy for us, we must now rise up to the challenge and learn Arabic in order to Understand Qur’an.

One of our goal is to remove the fear of Arabic from you forever, and to introduce you to the joy of learning to understand Qur’anic Arabic the Easy Way.

Starting your journey in Learning Qur’anic Arabic need not be a purely academic exercise, you do not need to spending years studying intensive Grammar, or technical terminologies. You can learn the natural way.

Our fear of learning are nothing more than self imposed limitations: We have put so many self-imposed barriers between us and the Qur’an, it is important we escape free from them. Whether they are a result of past experience or even the whispering of Shaitaan, we must do our out-most to break free.

We make so many plans for our life, we study, we work hard, we read so many books, magazines, spend hours in front of the TV or Internet, and we strive so hard in our worldly ventures. We are so well informed about our material world, at the same time we are so neglectful of our life to come.

It is a sad tragedy, learning Arabic to understand Qur’an is not even in the plan of most Muslims. Very few of us go beyond prayers and occasional reading of Qur’an. Either we do not think we have to learn to understand Quran in Arabic, or believe its not important to do so.

On the rare occasions, when the desire to learn Arabic arises in our hearts, Shaitaan puts us back to sleep again with our self-imposed limitations and excuses, we often say to ourselves:

“Reciting the Qur’an in Arabic is enough”: The Quran is the book of blessings, each and every letter brings us ten rewards and double the reward for those who find difficulty in reading. Our reward of reading Quran is guaranteed and no one can deny this.

However have you ever come across anywhere in the world, where ‘to read’ means reading without understanding? Surely not, true reading of a text means to understand what you are reading. So to do true justice to reading (qiraat / tilawaah) we have to read with understanding.

On top of this we have so many ayaat of Quran, Hadith, and practice of the Sahaba calling us to study the Quran. Holding this belief are we not danger of neglecting a basic obligation.

Arabic is too hard: this is a common statement made by many of us. Learning a language can be a daunting experience. However Allah (ﷻ) has declared that He has made the Quran ‘easy to understand and remember’. Are we in danger of contradicting what Allah (ﷻ),

I am so busy: this may be true, we are all leading frantic lives, but however if we take a stock of our life, we will find that hours and hours and spent in front of the TV, Smart Phone, Internet, or any many other non-beneficial acts. Allah (ﷻ) knows whether we are really that busy that we do not have time to study Quran. We may fool ourselves but we cannot hide the reality from Allah.

It costs too much money: It is true that some course costs £1000’s, some courses require traveling, or full time study. A huge investment in time and money.

This may be true for scholarly study of Arabic and Quran, and those who are blessed with the opportunity to do so have taken to the path.

What about the masses of the Ummah? The learning to improve our relationship with the Qur’an, should not require full time study, should not be difficult, and cost the earth.

What if we promised you that we could teach you all the Arabic of your daily Salah and 50% words of Quran in just 19 lessons? Each lesson being no longer than 40 minutes. Would you still have excuses?

Could you not spare a few hours and few days of your life to learn to understand the Arabic you recite many times a day. Surely that is only a small sacrifice for changing knowledge.

We believe that anyone can and everyone should learn to Understand the Arabic of Salah and Qur’an.

At the foundation level we are focusing on two courses which aims to teach Muslims of all social, economic and educational background, Qur’anic Arabic the Easy Way. The per-requisite for both of these courses is just basic Arabic reading skills.

Understand Quran Course (UQ-10): “Understand 50% words of Qur’an and all the Arabic of your daily Salah’, The Easy Way”

This is the world famous course developed by Dr Abdulazeez Abdurraheem of Understand Qur’an Academy. With more than 25+ years of research and practical teaching experience, an easy to learn unique course has been developed.

Easy Arabic for children (EQA-101): Understand Quran and Salah course for children.  

Al-humdulillah, we are soon launching a full course for children starting from the most basic to incorporate the full syllabus of a child’s early learning. The course will include all the Arabic of Salah, and 50% words of Qur’an vocabulary, as well as masnun Dua.

If we observe how a child learns to speak and understand a language: we notice a child first learns words, starts linking them together by observing their environment (how others speak). They learn by listening attentively, and repeating what they hear. It is through practice soon they begin to master the language.

We all speak our mother tongue fluently without ever learning the grammatical rules. That is to say, we learn it by listening, repeating, associating, linking etc the words.

A beginner student should not have to worry about learning extensive grammar rules, and complicated terminology to understand a language.

Learning extensive technical grammar rules, before improving vocabulary is like putting cart before the horse. Can you imagine studying deep sea diving in a class room without knowing how to swim or even going inside a pool!

This course has been developed to teach all the Arabic you use daily in a natural way. Without complicated grammar rules or theories. We simply teach you to understand what you already know, in a step by step gradual manner.

Our foundation level course has been taught to thousands of people around the world. Pioneered by Dr Abdulazeez of Understand Qur’an Academy, (, it has been aired on many satellite TV channels, introduced to 100’s of schools across around the word.

Unique feature of this course:

Our foundation level course “Understand 50% words of Qur’an and every word of Salah, The Easy Way”, has many unique features and qualities. It is the easiest Arabic course you will come across. We have successfully taught 1000’s of students in just 19 lessons to learn and master the course content.
Some Unique features include:

  • Teaching the Arabic we already know and recite every day of our life. It’s the most ideal course for the Muslim Ummah, most of us learned to read Qur’an and pray Salah. However most of we did not learn to understand. This course starts at that basic level and first teaches you to understand the Arabic you use every single day of your life.
  • Make the learning of Arabic easy, and it is with this in mind the whole course has been developed. With more than 25+ years of research and practical teaching experience, many 1000’s have benefited from this course.
  • Having learned how to pray, this course is probably the next best investment of your time. The joy of understanding what we recite during our Salah, cannot be explained in words, it’s an experience that we will enjoy again and again. It will help bring us closer to Allah during our Salah, build khushu, and make us eager to understand more and more of the Quran everyday of our lives.
  • It takes very little time: All we ask is that you sacrifice the few hours needed to study the 19 units with us, and Insha’Allah you will understand all the Arabic you use in your Salah, and 50% words of the Quran.
  • Very, very Easy: We do not use any complicated grammar rules, terminology, hours of lecturing, theories, or detailed analysis. We teach  the Grammar in a fun and interactive way, in small manageable chunks.
  • The grammar & conjugation you learn will accelerate your learning of Qur’anic Arabic and vocabulary. After just a few lessons, you will be able to see the benefit of learning in this way.
  • This is a natural approach to learning, and we do not use any Arabic grammar terminology at all in this course.

We promise you a stress free, fun filled, spiritually and intellectually uplifting learning experience. No hours of homework, no need to write any notes during lessons, just relax, and interact with the Tutor. This course is UNIQUE and UNLIKE any other.

If you lead a very busy life and do not have time or opportunity for long term or full time study, this is the perfect course for you.

In just 19 lessons of just 40 minutes each, you will learn all the course content will ease. From lesson-1, you will feel the benefit of what you have leaned.

As long as you are able to read basic Arabic and know how to pray your Salah, you can easily do this course.

Nothing is difficult that which Allah makes easy, and with the barakah, (which only comes from Allah) we will be able to gain so much more with the little effort.

When we make sincere dua for others, Allah will also grant us more of the same. So make dua that Allah Grants the whole Muslim Ummah, Understanding of Quran.

Our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it”

We may say, I don’t know basics and you are asking me to teach. Let me learn first at least. We have a different approach, we do not teach students, but we train future teachers. We see every person who joins our courses as future teachers of Quran.

Our aim is not just to teach you but to enable you and support you to become teachers of Quran. So if you are already involved in teaching adults or children, whether as a parent teaching your own children or you formal teacher in an institution teaching others.

Join us and learn the basics, then prepare yourself to teach. Insha’allah we will supply you with the training, course materials, and support needed to teach children.

Our humble goal is to provide high quality resources, teaching tools, training, and support to those who are striving in this blessed cause. We seek the reward from Allah and to be counted amongst those who are learning Qur’an and teaching it to others.

Our dua is that our children will grow up as a Qur’an oriented generation who believing in the Quran, reciting it correctly, understating its message, inviting others to it, as well as practicing its message.

Allah (ﷻ) has made the Quran Easy for remembrance and understanding:54_17

“And indeed We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for dhikr (remembrance & understanding), then is there any that will receive admonition?”

[Al-Quran 54:17, 22, 32, 40].

We see a living Miracle of Qur’an, when we observe around the word, millions of children reading and memorising the Quran with ease. Even though Arabic is not their mother tongue, they are reciting with perfect tajweed and tarteel, and many millions becoming huffaz. May Allah bless and reward all those who are involved in the teaching of children.

Al-humdulilah, a huge effort is being made to teach children Arabic reading, Quran recitation, and Islamic Studies. Parents teaching themselves or using private teachers at home; and where available many making considerable efforts to take children to Mosques &Madrasas in evening-weekend classes. They are making sincere efforts and sacrifices to help their children in reading Quran and learning the basics of Islam. It is the desire of every parent and guardian that our children will grow up practicing Muslims with strong Imaan.

We must also acknowledge the efforts of Imam’s, Madrasa teachers, and many volunteers in this field. We are humbled and motivated by their effort. All those who are making sincere efforts to teach the next generations are no doubt amongst the best of our community, and also according to the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) they are involved in the noblest profession.

However, the great tragedy is that most of us are not able to understand the most basic Arabic we use on a daily basis. We also find that almost every child goes to a Mosque, Madrasa, private & voluntary institutions to learn the basics of the deen. They spend evenings and/or weekends from the age of 6 to 12 years of age.

Despite spending 6+ years of their life, it is a sad reality that after so many years of study, in most cases the child does not even know the meaning of Surah Fathiha.

With our future generation in mind, we are developing a course specifically for children, to learn the Arabic of Salah and Quran.

We believe given the right resources, support and training, our teachers and parents, will be easily able to teach the Arabic of Qur’an and Salah, as easy as teaching children to memorise the Arabic.

We believe this course, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of young children will help them easily understand the Arabic they learn to memorise at a young age. Using the unique teaching methodology of Understand Quran Academy, providing high quality and comprehensive range of course materials, and support. We will be able to teach Arabic in an Easy, Interactive, and fun way.

A golden opportunity is at our hands to teach our children the Arabic of Quran, Salah, and daily recitation at an early age. To make the experience of learning Arabic enjoyable, interactive as well as spiritually connecting young hearts to the book of Allah. Thus motivating them to a lifelong relationship with Al-Quran.

Imagine what a great blessing will be to the Ummah, to see a new generation of Muslims growing up understanding the Arabic of Salah and Qur’an.

By the Grace and blessing of Allah, our project is run and supported by former student of Understand Quran Academy. We also welcome your support,  join us in this noble task by:

  • Learning for yourself: To really appreciate the benefit of our courses, you must have first hand experience. Come join us and take the first step in learning Arabic. We are convinced, once you have completed the course, you will be a life long supporter.
  • Become a teacher : be among the 1000’s who have learned Arabic of Qur’an and Salah the Way. They are now practicing and teaching what they have learned. Teach your children, family members, in your local community, in your study circles, in mosques, and clubs. The best way to learn is teach.
  • Mosque & Madrassah, and Islamic Educational Establishments: Are you involved in your local Mosque, Madrasa, or an Islamic Educational institute? If so please talk to us, we love to hear from you. We will work with and support you in introducing Easy to  learn Arabic courses in your institution. We will soon be providing full training, course materials, and on going support.
  • Become a supporter: After you have completed our UQ-101 course, you are welcome to join the many volunteers who are helping to develop our course materials, website, blogs, graphic design work, programming, ICT support, marketing and services. If you have a skill that you want to use to help please get in touch with us.

We need you dua and support in getting the message across to everyone. So please work with us and take an active part in promoting the Understand of Quran and Salah.