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Dear respected brother / sister,

Assalamualikum, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.


Al-humdulillah, you have completed the first 5 lessons of our 19-lesson course. A course designed to teach you  ‘to understand’ the Arabic you use in your daily Salah, and 50% words of Qur’an.

In part-1 (first 5 lessons) you have learned Sura Al-Fathiha, the Arabic of Adhan, and easy grammar, motivational and learning tips plus core vocabulary of 25% words of Al-Quran.


It is very important that you revise the course content and the vocabulary thoroughly. You need to master each and every word of the 57 essential word vocabulary. They will be extremely useful in focusing in your Salah and further Arabic studies.

Most importantly you MUST revise Sura Al-Fathia thoroughly until you can full understand it, i.e. focus on the meaning when you hear or recite it. Start practicing and teaching the Sura at every opportunity. This is the most important Sura of Qur’an and your life long companion.

Complete the course:

Please register at the earliest possible opportunity and complete the remaining 15 lessons, Insha’Allah you will so be praying your daily Salah with understanding.

I need your help (please)

Please make dua for us and help us get the message out to the whole Muslim Ummah, the importance of learning to Understand Qur’an. Please tell your family & friends  about our course and share with them our details. SPEAK to (give Dawah) to as many people as possible to learn Arabic,

Please help promote our courses , when you receive notification about our courses please share with your contacts and encourage them join the course.

You will join in the reward of learning and teaching Qur’an. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said


Additional Course materials:

As mentioned in the lessons, please find all the course materials you need to revise.

(I) Workbook:

There is 2 versions of the workbook here, one blank for you to print (for practice)  and one with answers (to check and mark your self). Please do all the Quizzes, one after one, and check your answers. This will really help to ensure that you have understood the course contents.  Please try to spend at least 10 mins a day revising the course materials (text book) and doing the exercises.

Worbook Download

Workbook with Model Answers Download

(II) Class Presentation Files:

The presentation files of the first 5 lessons.

Lesson 01 Download

Lesson 02 Download

Lesson 03 Download

Lesson 04 Download

Lesson 05 Download

(III) Audio Files:

Download the Audio (MP3) files and listen to them at your spare time. e.g. while driving, cooking, ironing, resting, etc. Use your time more productively, just listening to these audio files will help you revise the course content, as well as help prepare you for future lessons. The audio files cover all the course content plus some additional materials. If you have only done the first 5 lessons, focus on listening to the part that covers Sura Al-Fathiha.

You can download the set as a ZIP file and extract or you can download them as individual files from the folder.

Audio ZIP file Download

7-ZipUse to Unzip if you do not have one installed


Feedback and comments:
I most welcome your opinion, feedback, comments, suggestion, and constructive criticisms. We also welcome any help you can give us in spreading the teachings of Quran, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


Any Questions or need more info:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on email


Your Brother in Islam,

Mohammed Arjan Ali
Understand Quran Academy (UK)