Additional Material Swansea Mar-17

Ref: Understand Salah and 50% words of Quran, The Easy Way (Level-1)
UK Swansea 2017

Dear Brothers and Sister


Please find the link below for the course materials to assist you in your journey in learning the Arabic of Salah, and 50% of the words of the Quran

(I) Audio Files:

Please download the Audio (MP3) files from the link. Please listen to them. You can listen to them while driving, cooking, ironing, resting, etc. This will help use your time more productively. Just listening to these audio files will help you revise the course content, as well as help prepare you for future lessons. The audio files cover all the course content plus some additional materials.

You can download the set as a ZIP file and extract it or you can download them as individual files from the folder.

Audio ZIP file Download

7-ZipUse to Unzip if you do not have one installed

(II) Vocabulary Sheet & Booklet:

This sheet contains all the core vocabulary of the course, they are set up lesson by lesson. Focus on the lessons you have already completed. Please print, and look at the sheet 5 times a day for a few seconds after every Salah (5 to 10 seconds). Pay particular attention to every word you do not understand. You can also see the PDF on your phone, your PC or Tablet. Please make sure you refer to it daily.

Vocabulary Sheet Download

Vocabulary Booklet Download


Feedback and comments:
I most welcome your opinion, feedback, comments, suggestion, and criticisms.

Any Questions or need more info:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on email

Your Brother in Islam,

Mohammed Arjan Ali
Understand Quran Academy (UK)