Understand Qur’an (UQ-101):

Go from ritual to spiritual, understand 50% words of Al-Qur’an and all the Arabic of Salah, in Just 19 short lessons. Join us at one of our live lessons in a city near you. Course materials provided includes:
Text Book, Audio, Poster, Vocabulary Cards, and Quizzes and our soon to be launched online revision lessons.
Live interactive lessons, backed with comprehensive learning tools will ensure that you will learn with ease.
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EASY ARABIC for Children (EA-101):

A comprehensive Easy Arabic course for children, for learning Qur'anic Arabic the Easy & Natural Way. Takes the student from the basic Arabic of daily recitation to understanding the Arabic of Salah, and 50% words of Qur'an. Most ideal course for Mosque, Madrasa, Islamic Educational institutions, study circles or for home study. Course materials includes:
Teachers Guide Book, Children lesson and exercise books, audio files, vocabulary cards, posters and much much more.
Simply using the tools and the training provided, will enable you to teach children to understand Arabic, in easy to learn step by step lessons. This course can be easily incorporated into any standard children syllabus. Key benefit being they will simply learn to understand what they are already memorising. Course to be launched in Rabi Al-Thani 1437 A.H. (Jan 2016), Insha’Allah.