Understand Qur’an (UQ-101)

Understand Qur'an & Salah, the Easy Way (UQ-101)

Do you want to begin to Understand Qur’an and the Arabic you use in your Salah, but you are ‘too busy’ or think its too difficult, costs too much, takes too long, then this is the perfect course for you. 

Here, you have a Golden Opportunity to learn 50% of the words of the Qur’an and all the Arabic you use in your daily Salah.

At the end of just 19 short lessons, you will understand every word you say in your Salah and 125 words that occur more than 40,000 times in the Qur’an.

Understand Qur’an and Salah, The Easy Way, is the world famous course of Understand Qur’an Academy. Developed by Dr Abdulazeez Abdurraheem, after 25+ years of research and practical teaching experience. Masha’Allah many 1000’s have benefited from this course which has been aired on many international satellite TV channels. Many 1000’s have studied the course online. We have also taught 1000’s in live courses across the world, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA and AFRICA.

We are pleased to announce that LIVE courses are now available in UK.

Simple, natural and fully interactive

Our easy to follow step by step lessons will take you through the course and you will see the effect in your Salah from day-1. You will begin to learn Qur’anic Arabic without the stress normally associated with learning Arabic. No technicalities, so mystery, no hours of lectures, no theory, and no sophisticated grammar rules.

We promise you a stress free, fun filled, spiritually and intellectually uplifting learning experience. No hours of homework, no need to write any notes during lessons, just relax, and interact with the Tutor. This course is UNIQUE and UNLIKE any other.

Our unique teaching methodology incorporates latest and most effective learning techniques, to help you learn with ease.We focus on natural learning, and not technicalities. Using TPI & TPS you will see how fun and easy it really is to learn Arabic. You will learn 100′ of words in minutes. You will be able to conjugate 30+ words just from root letters.

This course is designed to fit around your busy lifestyle. It’s an easy to follow, each of the 19 lessons are no more than 40 minutes. During live teachings sessions we include revision, quizzes, teaching practice and lots of student interaction.

Allah has made it easy

The basic meaning of Qur’an is not difficult, Allah tells us in the Qur’an [Sura Al-Qamar [vs. 17; 22; 32; 40]:


“And indeed We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for dhikr (remembrance & understanding), then is there any that will receive admonition?”

The understanding of Qur’an to receive admonition has been made Easy, by Allah Himself. If we claim that the Qur’an is difficult or impossible for us to understand we are directly contradicting the words of Allah, we seek the forgiveness of Allah from that.

The Message of Qur’an is easy to understand and speaks directly into our hearts. It basic message has no complex philosophies and ideas, it is free from superstitions, it language is pure and on the whole easy to grasp at a basic level.

Let us begin our first step, by learning the Arabic we use daily. Let us understand each and every sentence and word we recite in our daily Salah, and by doing this insha’Allah we will easily learn 125+ words that are repeated more than 40,000 times in the Quran.

If you only learn the Arabic of Sura Fathiha, its words are repeated in the Quran more than 7,500 times, that’s almost 10% of the words of Al-Quran.

Benefits of learning Qur’anic Arabic?

Our ultimate goal is to learn Arabic so that we can understand the message of Qur’ān directly without having to refer to a translation. Thus we can receive the Message of Qur’an directly in our heart. Doing so will enable us to develop a deep lifelong relationship with the Qur’an.

The spiritual voltage we will receive from reading or listening to Qur’an with Understanding Insha’Allah will have an everlasting impact on our lives.

Imagine we understand what the Imam is reciting in our daily salah (particularly, Fajr, Maghreb, Isha, Jummah, and taraweeh prayers). How much more enjoyable and spiritually uplifting experience that would be?

Imagine how greater your connection with Allah (ﷻ) if you could understand the Qur’an, His Book, as you read it or listen to it. How greater would be your concentration in Salah, if you could understand what you are saying to Allah.

How much more would you enjoy the Taraweeh experience if only you could understand Al-Quran?

Allah (ﷻ) has made it easy for us, we must now rise up to the challenge and learn Arabic in order to Understand Qur’an.

How much greater would your connection be with the Quran if you could directly understand the ‘Word of Allah’ as you hear and read it?

Now is the time for you to take your first major step in learning Qur’anic Arabic and towards a meaningful, ‘khushoo’ filled Salah.

Benefits of praying with understanding

The 5 times daily Salah is the most important act of Ibadah (worship) in the life of every Muslim. It connects the worshiper directly to Allah, it’s a conversation and direct connection between the salve and his/her Master.

Salah with is the joy in the life of the believer, when the slave connects to his / her Master. Through the Salah, we find comfort, solace, tranquility in our lives. The Prophet () when asking Bilal (r.a.) his companion and Mu’azzin to call for the prayer, he (sas) used to say :

” Soothe us, with it O Bilal”

To truly enjoy the experience of sweetness within our Salah, we must try to pray with an attentive and tranquil heart. Understanding what we are saying in our Salah, will help us connect far more spiritually to every word or phrases we utter are divinely inspired.

Join the 1000’s of students who have studied with us, and begin to experience the power and beauty of Salah with understanding.

Live course the most effective way of learning?

We have found the LIVE course is the most effective way of learning. Being taught live, interacting with the Teacher and other students, committed to a set time and set place, will allow you to focus and accelerate your learning. In-sha’Allah you will see the positive impact from lesson-1.

The course tutor will be there to guide you each step of the way, answer any course related questions, and demonstrate the most effective learning / teaching methods.

Furthermore, the benefits of TPI (our unique and effective method of teaching), comes alive when practiced live with a tutor and with a group of students. What would normally take hours to learn will be learned in a few minute, in-sha’ Allah.

By the Grace of Allah, once you have completed our full course you will understand all the core Arabic you use in your Salah (namaz) and 50% of the words of Quran.


Your 5 daily prayers has already prepared you for this course.

No previous knowledge of the Arabic Language is required. If you have the most basic ‘Qur’an Reading Skills’ and you know how to perform Salah (namaz) then you can easily do this course.

How will you learn?

The lessons are fully interactive; there is NO writing notes, NO hours of homework or revision, NO complicated concepts to grasp, and NO complex terminology.

All you have to do is follow the instruction of your course tutor, and you will learn naturally without any extraneous effort. You will be provided with all the necessary course materials.

Our course has 19 core lessons, each lessons takes no more than 30-40 minutes. During live sessions we do revision, exercises, and teaching, which makes each lesson no more than 50 minutes.

We promise you a stress free, fun filled, spiritually and intellectually uplifting learning experience. This course is UNIQUE and UNLIKE any other.

In-sha’Allah, your fear of learning Arabic or the false notion that Qur’anic Arabic is difficult will be removed forever.

What will you learn?

After years of research, we reveal the secrets of understanding 50% Vocabulary of the Quran in just 19 lessons. We found the easiest gateway to understand Arabic is through Salah. You already know the Arabic text, we teach you to understand it, then you practice daily what you learn!.

In course will cover the following:

  • Surah Al-Fatihah & the selected six Surahs of the Quran (Al-Kafirron, Al-Asr, An-Nasr, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, Al-Naas).
  • Arabic of all parts of Salah (prayer) including: Adhan, dua related to Wudu, Iqamah, dua at beginning of prayer, ruku, sujud, Tahsahud, Durud upon the Prophet (), Dua at the end of prayers and much more.
  • Basic necessary Grammar & simple morphology using TPI. You will learn:
  • How to make singular words into plurals, masculine and feminine.
  • You will learn attached and detached pronouns.
  • How to easily attach pronouns to Isms (nouns), Fa’il (verbs), and Harf (prepositions), as well as understand their meanings. The attached forms you will run occur in the Quran more than 10,000 times.
  • You will learn how or quickly conjugate past tense, present / future tense, command, negation and much more.
  • You will learn how to conjugate verbs in Arabic. From one root word you will learn to make 30 forms of the word.
  • Much much more
  • You will learn to teach
  • Plus our exclusive, unique iman boosting lessons in each part.

All of this in just 19 lessons, of 40 minutes each.

Learn with the intention of teaching, every student is a teacher

From lesson-1, you will be teaching, that’s right using our unique learning methodology called TPS, you teach what you have learned to your study partner during the class.

We don’t teach students, we train future teachers

From lesson-1, we practically show you how easy it is to learn and teach Qur’an. Teaching of Qur’an is the most noble profession. On top of the tremendous reward, insha’Allah you will also find teaching of Qur’an as one of the most enjoyably and rewarding experience. Teaching is the key to learning, i.e. the only way to truly master a subject is to teach it.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) told us that “the best among you, is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches others”

What are the aims of this course?

  1. You start performing your daily recitations with full understanding.
  2. Will improve your concentration and khushu in Salah and your relationship with Allah;
  3. Prove to you that the Quran is not for your shelf but for yourself. It is for the living the must have guideline to succeed in life.
  4. Forever remove your thinking that the Quran is difficult to understand;
    Now you know half of the words on each page it is easy to start understanding 100% of the Quran!
  5. Not only for you to learn but also to teach other, and benefit from the huge reward of teaching.

Some additional benefits

  • The Key Formula to prioritize all your life activities and make then Quran oriented!
  • Effective, Research-Based Approach; to ensure the fastest way for you to learn.
  • Included ‘how to’ lessons;  interact, imagine, feel and how to recite the Quran;
  • Revolutionary Technique for learning grammar; TPI (Total Physical Interaction);
  • All possible learning materials provided: Textbook, Workbook, Audio files, special quizzes, and a final exam.
  • Plus ongoing support and encouragement to teach the course, to all around you, and spread the message of Al-Quran.

Learn 50% of the words of the Qur'an

Understand every word you say in your Salah

Remove the fear of learning Arabic


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