EASY ARABIC, Children’s Course (EA-101):

Teach children to understand Quranic Arabic the natural way.

Our soon to be launched, children ‘Easy Arabic’ course, will help you teach Arabic in a simple, gradual and natural way. No technicalities, no endless list to memorise, just fun a fun way of learning Arabic.

They will develop core vocabulary of Qur’an, understanding Qur’anic Arabic, all the Arabic of Salah, and daily recitations.

We will incorporate the understanding of all the Arabic a child normally learns as part of the standard syllabus for Madrasa or home study.

Course Syllabus:

Foundation level: we will cover all the Arabic students learn from daily recitation, all part of Salah and selected Short Sura’s of Qur’an. We will also cover vocabulary of 125 words which are repeated in the Qur’an 40,000+ times. That’s more than 50% words of the Qur’an. They will also learn basic Arabic grammar and morphology in a fun way.

Intermediate level: we will cover additional Sura’s of Quran, Hadith, masnun dua and more Arabic grammar and morphology. The vocabulary covered will enable students to understand 80% words of Al-Quran.

Course materials

A comprehensive range of course materials will be developed to support their learning in early years, these include:

Teachers Book: A teacher’s textbook will include all the lessons, additional class notes, vocabulary notes, suggested lessons, teaching guide etc.

Student book: There will be 3 student books, to accompany the teacher’s book. Each book will progress the students learning of Arabic, vocabulary and easy grammar.

Audio Files:  Easy listening audio files to accompany children’s Book-1, Book-2, and Book-3. Each lesson will have accompanying audio files, which can be listened to at home, while travelling, etc. These will help the students easily memorise the Arabic, learn the vocabulary, understand the message and help with pronunciation.

Posters: Large A3, A2 posters of key lesson, to display in children’s home, study room, madrasa walls.

Vocabulary Cards: Two sided cards one with Arabic, the other side with Translation & additional notes. An excellent tool for self-study as well as testing in class.

Additional study resources planned (2016-17):

It is our sincere desire to make the learning of Qur’anic Arabic easy, enjoyable and stimulating for young hearts and minds. In this regard we have long term plan to fully support the early years learning program. Our planned future study resources includes:

Online Student Portal:  A website study portal for all students, where they can access all course materials, lesson by lessons, download additional practice materials, download audio etc.

Online Video / Animation: Lesson by lesson online video to teach the students Arabic in a fun and enjoyable way.

Online Games: Online Quizzes, tests, exams, as well as animated games. These will help students revise content, learn vocabulary as well keep entertained.

Mosque, Madrasas, Islamic Educational Institute, private class teachers

We want to work with you, if you are interested in introducing and teaching our courses please do get in touch with us. We love to hear from you.

We provide training, course materials, and ongoing support.


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