DATE: Saturday, 02 December 2017, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM [GST]
VENUE: 4th Floor , London, London, United Kingdom


Understand Qur’an & Salah, The Easy Way!

Go from Ritual to Spiritual


BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IN YOUR SALAH, Enjoy the sweetness of Salah, as you communicate with your Rabb.

We promise you a stress freefun filled, spiritually and intellectually uplifting learning experience. A unique and unlike any other.


Insha’Allah you will see how effective our unique learning methodology is. 

 The ‘Understand Quran and Salah the Easy Way’ is Unique. Pioneered by Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem over 25+ years of research and practical teaching. Taught across the world, (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, and India.).   

Your fear of learning Arabic will be removed forever


4th Floor, 167-169 Great Portland Street,




TEL: 020 3570 9789

All lessons follow a strict time schedule please ensure you arrive at least 10 mins before start time.

Part-1: Introductory session  

Sat 02-DEC-17  | 9:30 – 5:30pm | Only £10


Insha’Allah you can enrol to complete the remaining 15 lessons, after the day-1 (introductory session).



ALL course materials supplied  (just bring a pen)

We charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of delivering our courses (course materials production, printing costs, hall hiring costs). 

We want you to learn, if for any reason you are not able to afford the fee, we will be happy to subsidise your course fee. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not want anyone to walk away from learning Quran.


If you know how to pray your Salah and have basic Arabic reading skills (can read the Arabic text below), then you can easily do this course.

Your daily Salah has already prepared you for this course. No previous knowledge of the Arabic Language is required. No new vocabulary to memorise. 



What will you learn (full course)?

  • Surah Al-Fatihah plus 6 Surahs (Al-Kafirron, Al-Asr, An-Nasr, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and Al-Naas).
  • The Arabic used in all parts of Salah (prayer) including: Adhan, dua related to Wudu, dua at beginning of prayer, ruku, sujud, Tahsahud, prayers upon the Prophet (pbuh), Dua at the end of prayers and much more.
  • Essential Grammar & simple morphology using our unique method (TPI), you will easily learn:
  • How to make singular words into plurals, masculine and feminine.
  • You will learn attached and detached pronouns.
  • How to easily attach pronouns to Isms (nouns), Fa’il (verbs), and Harf (prepositions), as well as understand their meanings. The attached forms you will run occur in the Quran more than 10,000 times.
  • You will learn how or quickly conjugate past tense, present / future tense, command, negation and much more.
  • You will learn how to conjugate verbs in Arabic. From one root word you will learn to make 22+ forms of the word.
  • Much much more


Learn 125 words that occur in the Quran 40,000 times (out of a total of approx. 78,000 words).  That comes to 50%


After each lesson you will do simple exercise that will help re-enforce what you have learned. 

Learn to teach
Plus, our exclusive, unique iman boosting reminders.

All of this in just 19 (short) lessons plus one bonus revision leasson, each lesson is apporx 40 minutes



Allah has made it easy !

We have such busy lives with work, family commitments, social life, entertainment etc. Shaitaan makes us think that we are too busy, too young, or too old to learn Quran. 

We have somehow convinced ourselves that Understanding Quranic Arabic is very difficult, impossible or (God Forbid!) not important..  

What Allah has made easy cannot be difficult. What we need is to trust in Allah, and make a sincere commitment to learn Qur’an. Allah will make it easy for us.  



Some unique features of this course

  • Unique and fully interactive teaching methodology (TPI & TPS)
  • Latest learning methodology employed, a highly spiritual and pain-free learning
  • Proven learning methodology with 100,000+ of students worldwide. Aired on numerous TV channels including PeaceTV.
  • Comprehensive range of course materials (Textbook, Exercise, Audio (MP3), Poster, Vocabulary Sheet, and much more)
  • Taught by Ustad Arjan Ali, Authorised tutor of Understand Quran Academy.



Understand Quran Academy

We believe the study of Qur’an should be easyinteractiveinteresting and engaging.

Learning Qur’an should be intellectually and spiritually stimulating. Its message should penetrate the depths of our hearts, and inspire us to act towards righteousness. 


Your course tutor

Course to be delivered by Ustad Arjan Ali, with more than 750+ students UK, see our UK student testimonial,  click here

Contact us:

 If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email or call us, we would be happy to assist.   


If you wish to cacel your place on the course, please let us know as early as possible, by the 7th of Nov at the latest