Understand Qur’an Course-4 – Adults (English)

Understand Qur’an Course-4 – Adults (English)


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Pre-requisites: Course -3


After completion of the two courses, you will

  • Learn the 2nd half of Juz 1
  • Be able to continue reading the Qur’an with this style until Juz 28.  For Juz 29 and 30, you need special effort due to its challenging vocabulary.
  • Learn additional Sarf as well as basic Nahw rules

Unique features: 

  • The simple explanation of the verses.
  • Guidelines on how to interact with the Qur’an using AEPP formula, i.e., Ask, Evaluate, Plan and Propagate.
  • State of the art language learning methods to learn the vocabulary such as “Pointers and Phrases.”
  • Nahw rules will also be taught using Nahw-based-TPI (Total Physical Interaction), a simple yet powerful technique that makes learning easy and fun.

These courses cover the necessary and basic grammar. For an in-depth study of Grammar and Qur’anic Arabic, please refer to more advanced Arabic grammar books and Scholars.

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